Tuesday 31 March 2015

Chocolate box

My second post of d day....nd 2nd sbmsn to Lulupu challenge.
Upcycled a chololate box.
                                               Decorated with many embellishments...
Some closer looks..

Inspired frm mood board -
Three red flower
Soft pink,green nd blue
Entering to....Lulupu challenge
Sry fr dull pics cant help myself with my mobile cam:)

**In case I have left out with any rule plz lemme know....blogging after a long long time :))

Birthday wishes..

Hello frnds....well its been long time ever since I master's studies keep me buzyy.

I somtime back saw challenge on Lulupu and wanted to participate....nd phew I made it ,though entering it on the last day...

I created a d center a photo will be pasted.

Decorated it with handmade flower....did I mentioned I dont own a big shot.. r hand drawn...nd shaped acc to methods shared by many artist.
Lord Ganesh is made using stencil...corners added r recieved in RAK...
A closer look at d flowers

Now coming to main part...thing that I have used getting inspired from mood board are..
Three leaves(pink clr)which r also wooden.
Clrs choosen r soft pink,purple,yellow,green.
Used 3 corners...
Oh just noticed have used three rhine stones on entire layout..two fr Ganesha eye nd one on tiny blue flower(below d pink flower)

Entering to one and only ....lulupu challenge

* IN case missing out any rule lemme know as blogging after a long time :)
 AND last but not the least HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ LULUPU .....again I would say last but not the least in Wishing :))

Regards Taranjot kaur :)