Friday 31 May 2013


My second post of the day.....have made some jewellery if u ask me what jewellery making supplies or findings do I own,my answer would  be zero.
But still wanted to give it a try.Its my first try at jewellery making.
I have used an old invitation card ...its  thickness must be more than 300 gsm...a very sturdy base
and decorated it with some punched flowers,IB kundan stones .....the earing hooks r from old earing set.

For my 2nd neck piece I have used the same base....pasted doubled sided tape on it and covered it with white glitter and then with fabric glue made veins and added silver glitter.....though one can use glitter tubes ....but if u do it with glue u get a beautiful upraised and thick coating.

For my 3rd piece I have used beads and added some glitter on the edges

This ones my fave used same old invitation card...cut it in a heart shape, added IB foam heart in d middle and then on left over space added small marble stones which have been painted with white pearl clr and sprinkled some white glitter onto it.
 I have rolled the quilling strips,pasted on upper edge through which chain could pass.
so now  apart from quilling, beaded,wired jewellery u can try these.
u can use yr card making material to decorate these.

Pristine Sparkle Platter (Part 2)

Here's the second part .To view first part click ( Here )

I have altered this flower pot

Firstly painted the pot with white acrylic and then with white pearl clr to give it a shiny look.

Made a carnation flower with napkin ,added glitter on it,added stones on IB butterfly.

A closer look
The flower pot had some carving patterns and so i pasted beads inside these carvings ....there r three such designs on pot and did same on all three.

Another alteration.
This is chocolate box ...deco is easily seen

A closer look
Its a fridge magnet inside.
The butterfly is pasted on a  white stone and pasted some beads too.

SO here's my complete pristine sparkle platter.

Hope u liked it :))

Pristine Sparkle Platter (Part 1)

H.E.L.L.O Friends ....I know its been 3 months ever since I posted last and there can not be any other reason for my absence than exams ...ya and after giving 9 written exams ,4 practicals ,pre exam preparation  and post exam relaxation.....finally im back to crafting world :))

So here's my platter -wedding ,love dint decided the name yet.

The idea of making all these came when i was preparing for my Honours exam .....and imagining abt crafting was much a relief ....though the basic idea was thought during exams however d deco did change while i was actually making these.

There r total 19 pics ...10 in this post 9 in d the end a link is provided for next post.

Firstly starting with d box.....its not an ordinary box.....a magical box,secret box or an extra ordinary box...lets see

This is front of the box.....for the first time I have used lots of flower-- gardenia, kaisercraft ,IB paper flower,the oval is IB frame painted with white pearl clr.
A closer look,added some charms too and a stone.
and when u open d above's a twist .......
The big can write messages on this . 
2nd flap .....I have done some weaving ....many times a thought came to me I should not try weaving.....but i still did this and was surprised to see how perfectly it came out.....u can see some glitter balls ...yes its a shaker box/flap
And when u open the above flap....guess whats inside?? a diamond necklace,card,scrap book??
Tada.....its a msg saying I love u......I was wondering why a box is only made to store something inside it came up with  an idea ,a box that has a msg on its base.
I love how it turned out, specially the royal look of feathers.The word I and U  are IB alphabet dimensional, painted them with white and added glitter.Have added glossy accent on IB heart.
This is other side of weaved flap....I have made photo corners on d corners .....a standard size photo can be placed i.e the one taken from camera
A tag- some simple deco

U must have also seen lots n lots of glitter......I have used IB white and silver glitter which is spread on double sided tape.

Now plz visit this(second part of this post)link......