Wednesday 31 July 2013

Spellbinder diecuts without using CB/BS.

I am participating in Itsy Bitsy Sizzix Tutorial Challenge.....that means its a tutorial post :))
By participating in any challenge we learn a lot .....specially when we move our self out from our comfort zone and in-corporate what is asked in the challenge......when Itsy Bitsy challenge was started I was happy cause it had to include a tutorial which I haven't done before(something new for me).....hmmm but at the same time to include sizzix if some one don't have BS or CB what will they do......Im sure there's lack of participation for those who do not own them....and same here :(( But not until I have a way how to get out from this problem....:))

 I am sharing a tutorial on how to get sizzix diecuts on any thing without using a BS or CB:)

Firstly there r many crafter's which have BS/CB and sell diecuts for bulk and individual piece.But it is quite difficult to decide which clrs u want or sometime we need a diecut on pp...everything cannot be pre-planned.

Secondly.....So I have bought diecuts of spellbinders in gsm more then 300 and in dark clr (pic below)

Material required : Diecuts in gsm more then 300 and in dark clr,Scissors,Pencil,Your hands , time and patience :)

Steps:  Keep the diecut on desired paper as template, trace it and precisely cut with pair of scissors.

   The same could be done on anything and anytime...even on cloth,foam or felt .

I do the same whenever I require spellbinder shape that could be cut with scissors rest the one's which can't be cut with scissors I buy them in white clr and paint with acrylics or pearl clrs :)

Second thing I want to share is how to distress the edges of anything without using distress inks.

Material required : Acrylic or pearl clrs, Sponge and Any kind of paper.

Steps: Simply dip sponge in paint bottle and take out excess of paint(make sure every bit of excess paint is taken out)
 And then simply rub on the edges(some people do say it gives a harsh effect but that is not true ...u will need practice and to decide the amount of paint on sponge)...with this one can get both light and dark effects :))

The diecut on paper and cloth is hand cut and doily is distressed with peach acrylic paint(Pic below)

And here are my finished cards :))

The diecut on paper and cloth is hand cut and doily is distressed with brown acrylic paint(Pic below)

The pink and black are actually cloth (the one that we use for making soft toys)

Hope its worthy for those who do not have BS or CB or even distress inks :)


  1. You are very resourceful and it's true that to make lovely things you do not have to always depend on so many tools.Great ideas of distressing and really like the use of fabric for your cards.Turned out great.

  2. Great tutorial Taranjot!
    If only I had tried something like this when I did not own a BS.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hey lovely post..and card !I too have some diecuts received as RAK..and like you I use them as template to cut andto some more diecuts : D !

  4. It is so beautiful the effect you have achieved and loved your distressing. I never could understand the charm of the expensive imported distress inks so only I have not bought a single distress ink so far!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

  5. Very very clever Taranjot! So glad you persevered and figured out how to comply with the rules of this challenge. We usually don't make it so challenging but since we were celebrating the Sizzix collaboration, we wanted to see what our readers could come up with! Your creations are stellar! I am very impressed! Thanks so much for playing along ItsyBitsy's Sizzix Tutorial Challenge. All the very best!
    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place

  6. Wow...Loved the pink card most....i too do the same with the diecuts n used them as my templates but wat i did with all that i traced them to some hard card board and save them for repeated use....!! thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Taranjot...really a gr tute dear...Loved ur idea n surely going to implement it as I 2oo have never ever tried distressing tecknique but on having a luk @ the outcome am impressed
    Thanks 4 sharing dear

  8. Liked all ur cards but ya loved pink 1 the most